About Me

About Me

Hey there, Welcome to my website.

I’m Nehad Zein. I write about luxury and thoroughly enjoy it. It’s one thing to enjoy luxury; another thing to write about. The reason I love writing about luxury is primarily the sheer vividness that it demands. And that’s exactly how I love to write, creating  vivid and crisp images with words; so that you can enjoy reading it from the comfort for wherever you are, while at the same time enjoying it and adding your own twist to it. Its enthralling, to say the least.

My other passion is travel. And for me, travel and luxury go hand in hand. The luxury travel industry is a billion dollar one, and that’s what I’d like to call myself an expert in. If there’s heaven on earth, this is it. And writing about it? That’s something which you’d term heavenly. 

My obsession with luxury has led me to write for multiple online and offline luxury based publications and also contract based consultancy services for brands that are committed to serving their customers as equally as I am. 

Things always get fun when the project at hand is challenging. Toying with different ideas and thinking of the best approaches to tackle a difficult project is quite thrilling and frankly, one of the reasons I write for. And brain-storming is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy what I do, and that is why you won’t be disappointed. Ever.

If you’d like for us work together, just shoot me an email at nehad.zein@crusaderwrites.com. You can also connect with me on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter on Instagram.