Why Business and First Class Seats Sell

How many times have you got that death glare from your co-passengers flocking towards economy while you’re comfortably reclining on your business or first class lie-flat seat? Or how many times have you envied those ‘lucky asses’ travelling in business or first while you’re still stuck in economy? Although the contempt that people show towards upper class travellers might be all too real, there’s no denying that the people who fly upper class do so for a reason, Read more “Why Business and First Class Seats Sell”


Hotel Specials: Why you need to personalise the guest…

Imagine you go stay at a world-class hotel. It’s all there, the swanky lobby, plush rooms, excellent food and timely room service complimented by a fantastic concierge; everything. But when you leave, the hotel lies trapped somewhere deep inside your memories and the next time you’re booking a hotel in the same place, you book another one of those world-class hotels because well, you’ve already stayed at the other one. Read more “Hotel Specials: Why you need to personalise the guest experience”